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Customer Experience graphic showing a stick figure walking away from a group.

Employee Turnover Is Hurting Your Dealership

The auto industry has dealt with several changes in recent years, in response to the expectations of modern employees...
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Graphic showing types of customer loyalty

Maximizing Your Customer Loyalty – The Four Types of Loyalty

Customers will exhibit various versions of customer loyalty depending on their buying habits. Whether we are playing the role of retailer or...
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Customer retention puzzle graphic

The Recipe for Successful Customer Retention

Dealerships spend a lot of time and effort attracting new customers. But some dealers may become fixated on drawing in new customers and overlook...
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Man in suit holding glowing orb in palm

What Is Anticipatory Customer Service?

A fascinating article in Forbes shared a concept that is increasingly winning over customers. In the article, the author described what he termed...
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Smiling girl in white car looking out passenger window
Fixed Ops
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Improving Profitability & Loyalty with Your Service Drive

Today, American consumers are hanging onto their vehicles longer. The average vehicle on the road today is 11.9 years old. Incredibly, that’s up from...
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Image of a set of car keys being handed to someone with a red new car in the background

Loyalty Programs – Rewarding the Customer and the Dealer

Customer loyalty programs are indisputably a staple in businesses. Many retailers have them and consumers have come to expect them. The problem...
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Image of man holding a wrench wearing a blue uniform in front of a row of service bays.
Fixed Ops
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Dealer Prepaid Maintenance and the Service Lane

One of the advantages of a Dealer Prepaid Maintenance Program (PPM) is that they span the generational gaps and appeal to most anyone. Regardless of which...
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Image of outside of dealership service department

Prepaid Maintenance Delivers More than Customer Retention

When offering an automotive prepaid maintenance program (PPM) to customers, what is the dealership hoping to get in return? Certainly, one answer...
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Image of a colorful parachute in the sky

The Mind is Like a Parachute – It Works Best When Open

Competition in business is usually a good thing.  Sure, we’d all like to have the market cornered, but without a little competition we would perhaps...
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Two people working
Fixed Ops
6 min read

Dealership Prepaid Maintenance – Pricing Your Plans for Success

Dealership prepaid maintenance pricing is so important that it may be the single biggest factor between success and failure. Many F&I managers mark up...
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A stack of money fanned out

How UltraCare PPM Will Make You a Million Dollars

Who wouldn’t like to generate an additional million dollars or more this year in service drive profit while increasing owner-based service affinity by 3x...
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Image of colorful cutouts of people

PSA: Stop Thinking in the Third Person

Dealerships today are continuously seeking new ways to acquire new customers. Endless services and platforms pop up almost daily that offer...
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Image of three business people silhouettes on a mountain top with arms raised in victory.
Fixed Ops
6 min read

Teamwork Makes Your Service Lane Work for You

Sales and service have always butted heads, but that’s only because most dealerships don’t operate as a cohesive unit, but rather as two entities. The solution?...
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Tom Wood Auto Group Loyalty Card Mockup

Why Dealerships Need a Loyalty Program

Today, most OEM manufacturers know the importance of retaining customers and offer some form of a loyalty program like Ford Pass or MY GM Rewards...
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Photo of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland

Learning From Disney’s Approach to Brand Loyalty

Few brands have created worldwide impact as significant as Disney. Just mentioning “Disney” elicits smiles from kids – and kids at heart – in virtually every nation...
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