Prepaid Maintenance Program

Cloud-based PPM software for dealerships. Create, manage, and market your own completely digital and dealer-owned program with zero admin burden.
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UltraCare Features

Throw away those coupon books!

The first 100% customizable, totally digital and DMS-integrated prepaid maintenance platform for dealers & repair shops. Drives increased service lane visits and vehicle sales.

Fully Customizable

You choose the vehicles (any make or mileage), packages, terms, prices, and reimbursement rates. You are in full control. No cookie cutters here!

DMS Integrated

Eliminate claims. Redemptions, upsell tracking, and accounting are 100% automated. R&R and CDK certified with 40+ DMS supported.

Dealer Owned

All money stays in house and you completely control the reserve. There are no retail contracts or service claims to submit.  You keep 100% of the breakage.

Branded Custom Emails

Our marketing team will create and send beautiful, agency-quality, dealer-branded email campaigns that drive customers back to your service lane.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Instantly see program utilization, reserve balances, redemptions, upsell, and more. All program data is searchable, sortable, and exportable.

Stellar Support

We’re an extension of your customer service team, and all of our support resources are available to you and your planholders at no extra charge.

The Most Profitable PPM Program Available

Discover the financial potential of a dealer-owned PPM program! Unlike OEM programs with limited customer eligibility and almost no plan flexibility, UltraCare offers broader opportunities. Say goodbye to inflexible third-party programs that eat into your profits through commissions and fees. Don't settle for prepaid maintenance as just an F&I product; it's a Fixed Ops home run as well.
Setting the Standard in PPM

How UltraCare PPM Drives Engagement

Our fully automated, "done for you" digital marketing suite drives upsell opportunities and incremental plan sales.  No other PPM platform comes close in effectiveness or convenience.

More bang. Fewer bucks.

Connect our complementary products to your UltraCare PPM program to further boost your retention at a significant discount - or even free.
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LoyaltyTrac Service Rewards

Fully customizable dollars or point-based customer retention & rewards platform.
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CashPass Instant Cash Back

Dealer branded app rewards your customers with cash for shopping at 300+ national brands.
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UltraPerks Employee Rewards

Retain and reward your employees while boosting bottom-line profit...for free.
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Join hundreds of dealers getting results with UltraCare

Planholders outspend non-planholders 2-to-1
$112 average upsell per UltraCare redemption visit
65%+ post-sale service retention
18% year-over-year CPRO growth
8-10% increase in VSC penetration
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Don't take our word for it

Nice Things Dealers Say About UltraCare

We’re averaging about 165 visits from UltraCare customers a month. 95% of those are realizing additional sales beyond the services provided in the prepaid maintenance package. UltraCare for us is the ultimate customer retention tool.

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Monica P.
Indiana Chevrolet Dealer

Our UltraCare customers return for service three times more often than customers who do not purchase the program.

Nissan OEM Logo
Steve Q.
Texas Nissan Dealer

Selling prepaid maintenance plans is all about retention – keeping them returning to our store for ongoing service. When presented with these benefits, 40% of our customers choose to buy the UltraCare plan.

Honda OEM logo
Dean T.
Massachusetts Honda Dealer

Switching from giving away oil changes to selling PPM generated over $200,000 of additional revenue within six months. We saw our retention go way up with UltraCare.

Kia OEM logo
Steve H.
Nebraska Kia Dealer

More than 92% of plan holders who come in for service make additional service purchases, pushing average plan per R.O. upsell to$108. The UltraCare plan keeps customers coming in.

GMC logo
Charlie A.
Texas Buick GMC Dealer
For the curious...

Frequently asked questions

Here are the top five questions we get asked by potential new clients.
How much does it cost?
The short answer: it depends. The longer answer: Because our program is fully customizable and every dealer's situation, size, and budget is different, we don't have "one size fits all" pricing - just like we don't force you into using a one-size-fits-all program. But, to give you an idea of the typical range: $19-39 per plan registered or renewed plus a minimal monthly license & integration fee. Large volume discounts are available.
What DMS platforms do you integrate with?
We are a CDK 3PA Partner and Reynolds and Reynolds Certified. We can also get sales and/or service data from over 40 other DMS platforms, including DealerTrack, Autosoft, Auto/Mate, Serti, Dominion, Tekion, PBS, Advent, Dealerbuilt, Frazer, Quorum, and more.

DMS integration automates the redemption tracking process, simplifying the jobs of your busy service writers, and giving them more time to focus on the customer experience.
What happens to the money when a customer signs up - who holds it?
You, the dealer, hold the money. PLG is not an administrator. We've built a complete SaaS platform that allows you to effectively and accurately build, sell, and track fully customized, automatically renewing maintenance plans on a subscription basis to your customers. The money charged to your customers' credit cards is sent directly to you - or whatever entity you designate.
What is the claims process like - how long before I get my money?
With UltraCare there is no claims process! Because you hold the funds in your own "reserve" account, there is no need for a cumbersome and lengthy claims process. We give you all the detailed and accurate info you need to know exactly what services are being redeemed and when forfeiture/breakage occurs. It's simply an internal accounting exercise to move funds from your reserve to income accounts. The program is re-insurable and how the funds are recognized and allocated is solely up to the participating dealer.

Unlike most PPM plans UltraCare Plus creates ZERO contingent liability and plans do not need to be reinsured in most states (CA, FL, IL, NY, TX, & WA dealers should check with their compliance officer).
How easy is the program to use?
Super easy! Look, we know there can be high turnover in a dealership and your employees are already busy doing a million other things. So over 10+ years, we've refined and optimized the program to be extremely easy to learn and use. Training takes about 5-10 minutes - and most employees are able to figure it out without training. We've automated everything we can to eliminate hassle and manual entry.
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