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Instant Cash Back Rewards

Get a custom-branded payments app that rewards your customers with instant cash back for shopping, dining, travel, and entertainment purchases at 350+ national brands.
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CashPass Features & Benefits

Did someone say free rewards?

Get the only dealer-branded app that rewards your customers for their spending OUTSIDE of the dealership - at no cost to you! The brands pay for the rewards.

Your Own Branded App

Every time they use the app, customers are reminded of the benefit of doing business with you - even when they spend on food, travel, & entertainment.

Over 350 National Brands

Your customers get rewarded instantly for in-store and online purchases at Home Depot, Apple, Best Buy, Instacart, CVS, Chipotle, Southwest, Airbnb, & more.

Instant Cash Back Rewards

Customers earn 5% cash back avg. on every purchase (paid by the brand) that can be instantly redeemed at any participating brand OR back at your business.

Stay Top of Mind

Periodic cashback bonus offers provide an excuse to message your customers in a positive way without always trying to solicit a purchase. Warm fuzzies!

Built-in Retention

Customers are drawn to businesses that reward them in meaningful ways - and stay loyal when their rewards are tied to an ongoing relationship.

No Cost to You

When you add our UltraPerks employee rewards & well-being program. Earn $500-800 extra annual profit per employee + they get a 1-5% raise.

A very exclusive club
(All that's missing is the velvet rope)

CashPass is NOT available to the general public - making the program one more reason for customers to do business with your dealership vs. the competition. Only your sales and service customers can enroll using their exclusive invitation code generated by CashPass.
Keeping You Top of Mind

How CashPass Drives Loyalty

CashPass is the app your customers will use on a weekly or even DAILY basis. Can you say that about your current dealership app? Stay top of mind while generating rewards with real value.

More bang. Fewer bucks.

Connect our complementary products to your CashPass program to further boost your retention at a significant discount - or even free.
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LoyaltyTrac Service Rewards

Fully customizable dollars or point-based customer retention & rewards platform.
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UltraCare Subscription Maintenance

Sell automatically renewing subscription service plans to supercharge your service lane & profits.
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UltraPerks Employee Rewards

Retain and reward your employees while boosting bottom-line profit...for free.
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Join 1000+ clients getting results with CashPass

Over 1,000,000 CashPass App downloads
$180-240 average annual earnings per active member
Over $100,000,000 in customer purchases rewarded
Over $5,000,000 in customer instant cash back earned
41% of customers agree that CashPass influenced their loyalty
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For the curious...

Frequently asked questions

Here are the top five questions we get asked by potential new clients.
How much does it cost?
It varies based on the size of your dealership or group, but to give you an idea of the typical range: $300-700 per month per rooftop. Large volume discounts are available. 

You do NOT pay for the rewards earned or redeemed.

You can also get the program for your employees (only) for free. Ask us how.
Who pays for the cash back rewards - and do they expire?
The brands on the platform (e.g. Home Depot, Apple, Instacart, etc.) pay for the cash back your customers earn instantly when shopping at their stores or online.

The cash back your customers earn does not expire as long as they remain a customer of your store and you remain on the program. If you ever decide to leave, you can give them 90 days' notice to spend what is left in their accounts.
Where can the instant cash back be redeemed - and is it really "instant"?
Your customers can redeem their earned cash back at any of the 350+ participating brands in the app OR they can choose to redeem their cash back YOUR dealership. When redeemed at your store, the instant cash will be sent via ACH to your bank.

The cash back they earn appears in their CashPass account within moments of making their purchase. So, for example, they could make a $200 purchase at Home Depot at 12:00 PM, earn $8.00 for that purchase instantly, and then walk across the street to Chipotle for lunch at 12:05 PM, paid for by their cash back using the app....or apply that $8.00 towards their 12:15 PM oil change appointment at your dealership. It's that quick and easy.
Isn't this like Ebates/Rakuten?
Yes and no... but mostly no. Here are the main differences in how CashPass is way better:

1) With CashPass, customers earn cash when they pay both in stores AND online.
2) Cash back can also be earned at 100’s of restaurants across the country with CashPass.
3) CashPass cash back earned is instant and available to spend immediately, not deposited quarterly.
4) Cash back earned can be used for your customers' next purchase at your dealership.

On top of that, CashPass can actually be used in conjunction with Ebates/Rakuten to increase the cash back! So, if your customers are Ebates/Rakuten users, they can continue to earn cash back through Ebates/Rakuten, but when it comes time to pay for their online purchase, they should use a CashPass digital gift card to pay rather than their credit card. For example: Let’s say they buy online at Under Armor through Ebates/Rakuten. If they pay at checkout with CashPass they will earn 7% from Ebates/Rakuten and 8.1% from CashPass. That's 15.1% total back on their purchase!

Even better: if the associated credit card they used for the purchase in CashPass offers points/miles/cash back for purchases, they'll earn that too. It's a true TRIPLE DIP!

Do my customers have to pay anything to sign up and use the app?
Nope. It's completely free to you and them. You do not pay anything per signed-up customer. You just pay one flat monthly fee for access to the platform and then sign up every single sales and service customer.
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