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There is a very good reason our clients utilize our programs for over seven years on average. We deliver great service & results. Don't just take our word for it - see what they have to say...
"Absolutely fantastic program. Not a day goes by we don't have 2-3 customers using rewards to buy their next vehicle."
Ford OEM logo
Jim C.
Arizona Ford Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
"We’re averaging about 165 visits from UltraCare customers a month. 95% of those are realizing additional sales beyond the services provided in the prepaid maintenance package. UltraCare for us is the ultimate customer retention too"
Chevrolet OEM logo
Monica P.
Indiana Chevrolet Dealer - UltraCare
"I just saw in our reports that LoyaltyTrac has generated 761 service appts just from your Account Statement emails. Keep it up!"
Hyundai OEM logo
Eric P.
Indiana Hyundai Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
"Switching from giving away oil changes to selling PPM generated over $200,000 of additional revenue within six months. We saw our retention go way up with UltraCare."
Kia OEM logo
Steve H.
Nebraska Kia Dealer - UltraCare
"Subscription Maintenance is a game changer for us. We're going to double our CP revenue in less than 3 years"
LoyaltyTrac circular logomark
Corey L.
Indiana Cadillac Dealer - UltraCare
"Customer-pay revenue is up 30% this year over last year - and last year was our best CP year ever!"
Honda OEM logo
Tim C.
Minnesota Honda Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
We've only been on the UltraCare program for about five months but we're already seeing a measurable increase in service retention.
Chrysler logo
Mike B.
New York CDJR Dealer - UltraCare
"The onboarding process was smooth. They sent me some really nice POS materials and the DMS integration automatically invites all our service customers to the  program."
Cadillac logo
Bob H.
Indiana Cadillac Dealer - CashPass
"Selling prepaid maintenance plans is all about retention – keeping them returning to our store for ongoing service. When presented with these benefits, 40% of our customers choose to buy the UltraCare plan."
Honda OEM logo
Dean T.
Massachusetts Honda Dealer - UltraCare
"We couldn't be happier with the Dealer Currency program. Over 80% of customers agree to join."
Chevrolet OEM logo
Greg M.
Texas Chevrolet Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
"With LoyaltyTrac, we have jumped up to become the #1 dealer in Service Efficiency (90.6%) in Canada."
Toyota OEM logo
Doug S.
British Columbia Toyota Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
"I just had a customer redeem over $800 from CashPass to buy an extended warranty on a new Pilot. This is real money to my bottom line - not funny money. Keep it coming."
Honda OEM logo
Peter H.
Texas Honda Dealer - CashPass
"My gross profit has doubled while on the LoyaltyTrac program. It's a game-changer."
Nissan OEM Logo
Tom K.
Indiana Nissan Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
"Our UltraCare customers return for service three times more often than customers who do not purchase the program."
Nissan OEM Logo
Steve Q.
Texas Nissan Dealer - UltraCare
"More than 92% of plan holders who come in for service make additional service purchases, pushing average plan per R.O. upsell to $108. The UltraCare plan keeps customers coming in."
GMC logo
Charlie A.
Texas Buick GMC Dealer - UltraCare
"I love this program! I just redeemed $67 at the dealership which basically paid for my oil change service."
Smiling girl in white car looking out passenger window
Ashley F.
CashPass Customer
"Love the simplicity of the service, DMS integration, and the great customer support."
Kia OEM logo
Christy B.
Pennsylvania Kia Daeler - UltraCare
"I love the fact that you guys will drop everything to create and send a last-minute email blast for us... and it still looks fantastic."
Yamaha logomark
Mollie H.
Florida Power Sports Dealer - LoyaltyTrac
During the last fifteen years we have had the privilege of working with these great companies.
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