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UltraPerks is continually tested, vetted, audited, and refined by CPA’s, tax attorneys, CFO’s, & insurance industry veterans.


SINCE 2019


(50-16,000 on payroll)





Get the only benefits program that PAYS YOU BACK

UltraPerks is an innovative, TURNKEY program that creates happier employees and guaranteed profits - at no net cost to your busines
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How can we help your business?

From day one, UltraPerks will help you...
Create happier, healthier, and better-compensated employees
Improve your bottom line profit through innovative savings
Attract and retain your best employees while reducing churn
Increase employee productivity & reduce absenteeism
Potentially reduce/prevent healthcare premium increases by detecting and avoiding catastrophic claims


in extra employee take-home pay AND bottom line profit generated for clients since 2019
UltraPerks Features

Innovative Turn-Key Features

that begin the day you launch your program

Supplemental Perks & Benefits

Employees receive a cash benefit indemnity policy, healthcare liaison, pharmacy discounts, 24/7/365 telemedicine, well-being & life coaching, personal training, and more.

Full-Featured Employee Rewards

Utilize our LoyaltyTrac rewards engine to incentivize your employees & reward them for a job well done. Fully customizable rewards and emails increase engagement.

Guaranteed Bottom Line Profit

The program generates $400-800 per employee in increased annual profit on average from excess savings tied to these Section 125 plans - after program fees!

Increase Employee Take Home Pay

Fight inflation & offer more competitive wages by giving all your employees a 1-5% raise - with no money out of your pocket. It's all funded from payroll savings.

CashPass Rewards Included

Employees earn instant cash back for their spending in-store and online at over 300 national retail, restaurant, & travel brands with a custom-branded, rewards app.

Stellar Employee Support

Access to account managers, program liaisons, health advisors, and tax professionals is available for you and your employees at any time at no extra charge.

No limits, deducitbles, or co-pays

Available to all your employees & their families
No waiting or open enrollment period
All full-time W-2 employees can participate
Opt-out option for individual employees
No out-of-pocket expenses for employees
Does not compete with or replace any current benefits program you may already offer
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More bang. Fewer bucks.

Connect our complementary products to your UltraPerks program to boost your customer retention at a significant discount - or even free.
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UC+ Subscription Maintenance

Sell automatically renewing subscription service plans to supercharge your service lane & profits.
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CashPass Instant Cash Back

Dealer branded app rewards your customers with cash for shopping at 300+ national brands.
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LoyaltyTrac Service Rewards

Fully customizable dollars or points-based customer retention & rewards program.
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Case Study

Staffing Company

A staffing company enrolled 6,113 of its consultant employees and generated $671 in extra bottom-line profit per employee annually from program savings - plus they got access to some great perks & benefits at no additional cost.
$4.1 M
Annual Employer Savings
$10.2 M
Total Savings since program inception
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For the curious...

Frequently asked questions

Here are the top five questions we get asked by potential new clients.
How much does it cost?
There is no net additional cost to your business to implement UltraPerks. While there is a monthly fee for each employee enrolled, the GUARANTEED savings generated by the program from the first day you implement it FAR exceed that fee. In fact, dealers can expect to increase their bottom-line profit per employee by over $600 annually - and that is AFTER fees. There is NO program set-up fee.
What if my dealership already has a benefits program - or none at all?
That's fine! This program is not meant to replace or interfere with any existing benefits program you already have in place. The perks and benefits included in UltraPerks are supplementary to what you might already be doing. And if you have no benefits program at all? Then UltraPerks will be a great and welcome addition for your employees - at no cost to you or them!
Is there an open enrollment or waiting period before we can sign up?
No, none whatsoever. You can enroll in and launch UltraPerks any time of year - and your employees (existing and new) can be onboarded whenever you want.
Is there any cost to my employees?
Nope. Employees never pay a penny for access to the great benefits and perks in the program. There are no co-pays or anything like that either. In fact, your employees will love that they will see an INCREASE in take-home pay when they opt-in to UltraPerks (at no cost to your dealership).
Can I enroll contractors and part-time employees?
Only W-2 employees can participate in UltraPerks, so 1099 contractors are not eligible. Some part-time employees may be able to enroll depending on their overall compensation and deductions - but most likely not a lot of them will qualify.

This program is targeted for businesses with at least 50 full-time W-2 employees.
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