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The Recipe for Successful Customer Retention

Dealerships can create a culture geared towards growing customer retention by building bridges between departments, modernizing their digital presence, training employees to endorse the dealership's products and services, and removing obstacles to customer satisfaction...
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Written by
Mike Gorun
Published on
January 21, 2022


Dealerships spend a lot of time and effort attracting new customers. But some dealers may become fixated on drawing in new customers and overlook the importance of customer retention. Dealers who are looking to shift to a client-based culture may find it challenging, because it requires changing the culture of their store.

Here are the strategies for creating a culture geared towards growing dealership customer retention.

Build Bridges

Most dealership departments run independently and have limited contact with each other. All too often, the employees become increasingly focused on their department’s objectives rather than those of the entire dealership. But running a successful dealership is a team effort. Each department should be made aware of how they impact each other. Encouraging team effort is one of the most important things you can do to create a successful atmosphere.

Look in the Mirror

A customer’s first impression of your dealership will start the moment they access your website and read other customers’ reviews. So, when was the last time you visited your own website? Is your information accurate and up to date? Positive first impressions build trust between you and the potential customer. Your digital presence is critical to your success and your dealership’s reputation.

Create Influencers

One of the most effective ways to retain a customer is by the relationship between them and their salesperson. A well-trained employee should be endorsing the dealerships products and services during the selling process, not after. Even if a guest chooses to do business elsewhere, they should leave with a clear understanding of what your business has to offer. Educate everyone on your team on the products and services you offer, so they never miss a beat. Your employees should be the ambassadors for your dealership.

Remove Obstacles

Dealerships that have the fewest number of hurdles increase their chances for profitability and loyalty success. You’re going to have a hard time wooing a service customer if you’re booked solid for a month, and your services take longer than promised. The easier it is for the guest to accomplish their goal, the more likely your dealership is to retain them.

In conclusion, if you’re goal is to create a sales and service culture attractive to your customer, start by opening the lines of communication between the two departments. Communicate your expectations to your staff and ensure that each department understands their importance and responsibility to the team. Leave a positive first impression to online visitors and manage the dealership’s reviews. Train your sales staff to be advocates for the dealership and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. But most importantly, avoid roadblocks preventing your customers from doing business with you.

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