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UltraCare® PrePaid Maintenance Program

We're averaging about 165 visits from UltraCare customers a month. 95% of those are realizing additional sales beyond the services provided in the prepaid maintenance package. UltraCare for Hare Chevrolet is the ultimate customer retention tool.
Selling prepaid maintenance plans is all about retention – keeping them returning to Honda Cars of Boston for ongoing service. When presented with these benefits, 40% of our customers choose to buy the UltraCare plan.

Monica Peck, Owner
Hare Chevrolet
Dean Talley, General Manager
Honda Cars of Boston
Our UltraCare customers return for service three times more often than customers who do not purchase the program.

The sale of the prepaid services upfront at discount helps us retain customers while presenting opportunity to upsell those customers during the lifetime of their plans.
Steve Quiroga, Service Manager
Ancira Nissan
Pete Harvey, General Manager
Gillman Nissan
What I like about this program is that it ties the customers to my store. The plan's services can be redeemed only here. It helps retain more customers, resulting in more parts and labor dollars for the dealership.
Ronda French, General Manager
Ancira Nissan

LoyaltyTrac® Customer Loyalty and Retention Program

LoyaltyTrac is something that helps differentiate us in the marketplace. Plus, providing bonus points helps our advisors create follow-up service appointments.
With LoyaltyTrac, we are currently retaining more than 47% of out-of-warranty customers... compared to the regional Nissan dealers' average of 25%.
Randy Irwin, Service Manager
Acton Toyota
Ted Christiano, General Manager
Boulder Nissan
By more precisely marketing our services to customers, we were able to reduce our advertising costs by more than $120,000 per year. The gains are significant and measurable.
Customer-pay revenue is up 30% this year over last year and last year was our best CP year ever! From 2008…my gross profit per month has doubled while on the LoyaltyTrac program.
Jim Crutcher, General Manager
Berge Ford
Tom Kashman, Service Manager
Tom Wood Ford
Our dealership has been involved with Performance Loyalty Group for many years now. The services they provide are outstanding. I am convinced it has brought in a great deal of profit to our fixed operations department as well as our variable ops department. It has consistently raised our retention numbers as the customers on this program would never think to go elsewhere for their vehicle needs. The timeliness of their reminders plus the vehicle tips help keep our customers completely satisfied.
We started our LoyaltyTrac program with 12 email addresses and now have over 90,000 members we email regularly. Members comprise 65% of invoices and spend 10% more per transaction than non-members.

I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to work with all of you. You have a great team, innovative business model, and fantastic customer service.
John Smith, Fixed Ops Director
Martin Chevrolet
Cindy Burdette, Marketing Director
WLR Automotive Group

BeBack Sales Incentive Program

We are closing 15% of customers who receive the BeBack card – 30 units in 30 days.
We sold 8 additional vehicles in the first 15 days, directly due to BeBack.

Ryon Walters, General Manager
Reno Toyota
GM Dealership, Houston
Our two stores have seen very positive results. Some highlights include:
  • An increased T/O percentage to management
  • An incremental sales increase
  • A timely survey that allows us to address concerns immediately (we have recaptured lost opportunities on a number of opportunities
  • Excellent tracking software to monitor overall program performance and sales attainment

Nothing to date has done anything to detract from our excitement. Our decision to move forward has been strongly reinforced by the immediate results we are experiencing. In addition, all of the [PLG] representatives have been extremely supportive and professional in the areas of program implementation and maintenance.

Peter Snelling, General Manager
Ed Morse Cadillac

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