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Performance Loyalty Group's LoyaltyTrac Platform to Power CIMA Loyalty Rewards; the Most Comprehensive Multi-level Customer Loyalty Rewards Program for Auto Dealers

San Ramon, CAAugust 8, 2011 – Well managed loyalty programs with superior customer interaction and follow up can result in members spending on average twice as much per year as compared to non-members. Performance Loyalty Group, a leading provider of customer loyalty and retention programs for auto dealerships, today announced that it has signed an agreement with CIMA Systems to use Performance Loyalty Group's leading rewards-based loyalty and retention platform, LoyaltyTrac, to power a new comprehensive multi-level customer loyalty rewards program: CIMA Loyalty Rewards.

CIMA Loyalty Rewards will be marketed by CIMA Systems and provide auto dealers with a fully integrated suite of tools to institute a customer loyalty program and manage the program with superior customer interaction and follow up. CIMA Loyalty Rewards will help grow sales and service business, while increasing customer loyalty and retention.

"It has always been our policy to listen to our dealers and add the best in technology to help them stay competitive. Our dealers have asked for us to provide them a loyalty rewards program and we teamed up with Performance Loyalty Group's LoyaltyTrac due to their advanced technology in this area. The addition of CIMA Loyalty Rewards to our existing product set allows us to continue to remain the most advanced and complete Owner Marketing Communications System in the industry. CIMA Loyalty Rewards enables dealers to manage every possible customer touch point, be it email, phone, text, social networks, blog, loyalty rewards, etc. Dealers now have the most comprehensive and effective loyalty rewards program on the market," said Gary Nixon, President and CEO, CIMA Systems.

CIMA Loyalty Rewards works as follows: The LoyaltyTrac rewards-based loyalty and retention platform comes into play at the beginning of the cycle; with the purchase of a vehicle or a visit to the service lane. Taking a page from the American Express card program, the customer has the choice to receive a no cost base loyalty membership or can upgrade to a silver, gold or platinum level membership, all which have additional premium program benefits. Members embrace the program because they earn points for each dollar spent which can be redeemed for future services and vehicle purchases.

With CIMA Loyalty Rewards, CIMA Systems and LoyaltyTrac will work hand in hand to significantly increase a dealership's interaction with customers and prospects through automated, interactive and timely communication that result in higher customer satisfaction, sales and productivity. CIMA Systems works like a virtual Business Development Center, using multi-platform marketing and communications to enhance customer loyalty and drive vehicle, service and parts sales to dealerships. It can replace from one to four vendors and drive down expenses while providing dealership management with insightful demographic insight, and sales and marketing data to fine-tune their sales and marketing efforts.

CIMA Loyalty Rewards will encourage customers to manage their membership activities and interact with the dealership. Members respond well and spend more when they do. An average customer pay RO for a member generally exceeds a non-member; they tend to visit twice as frequently and over the year spend twice as much at the dealership.

"LoyaltyTrac service reward members spend on average twice as much per year as compared to non-members because they visit the participating dealership twice as frequently as non-members do," commented Michael Gorun, Managing Partner at Performance Loyalty Group. "CIMA has the best customer lifecycle management technology in the industry. Joining the two together and creating CIMA Loyalty Rewards will provide a powerful new tool for CIMA dealers. I am excited to see the boost in results I am sure CIMA dealers will soon be enjoying."

For additional information about CIMA Loyalty Rewards contact:

Gary Nixon
CIMA Systems
Office: 925-461-4601

About CIMA Systems CIMA Systems patent-pending solution was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating an automated customer interaction tool for the automotive Industry. Today the application helps serve as a 24 hour, automated/virtual business development center (BDC) and is a leading marketing and communication tool used at dealerships throughout North America. CIMA helps dealers retain and engage prospects and customers alike by delivering messages in the way they prefer: phone, email, text, Blog, Social Media and Hosted Live Chat. In addition, CIMA's ongoing marketing promotions help dealers maximize profits at each touch point in the customer relationship and vehicle life cycle. To find out more about CIMA, visit or call 925-461-4600.

For more information about LoyaltyTrac, contact Jeff Shenk at: 925-415-1300.

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