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Performance Loyalty Group Announces Next Generation LoyaltyTrac® Automotive Loyalty Program
Contracts for LoyaltyTrac Reward Cards Reach 3,000,000

San Ramon, CAOctober 30, 2006 – Performance Loyalty Group, the market leader in automotive loyalty programs, today announced the next generation of LoyaltyTrac, the company's premier solution for marketing, tracking, rewarding, and analyzing customer purchases to build customer loyalty. It also announced that since January, automotive dealership reward card contracts have increased 200% from 1,000,000 cards sold in January to 3,000,000 through October, 2006.

Over the past year dealerships across the country have battled for consumer attention and spending. With shifts in the economy, the rise and fall of gas prices driving purchasing decisions, and auto manufactures struggling to move inventory, dealerships are forced to find more effective ways to retain customers and reach out to new ones. Performance Loyalty Group's loyalty program has proven to be a valuable and highly competitive tool for dealerships, driving profit increases through service retention rates as high as 87% for some stores.

"We've seen a tremendous increase in our ability to retain customers and drive our sales and service business to new levels through Performance Loyalty Group's loyalty program. For the past several weeks we've been beta testing the newest version and we're even more excited about how we will be able to communicate with our customers through the website and the enhanced dynamic and targeted marketing tools," said Rory Klein, General Manager, Klein Honda. "We've been a LoyaltyTrac user for just over a year and it has been instrumental in helping us achieve our double-digit annual growth. It's been one of the smartest business decisions we've ever made," said Klein.

The next generation of LoyaltyTrac offers significant marketing advancements and a new vibrant look and feel. Its user interface has been updated to make it easier for dealership staff to navigate the site to view customer surveys, marketing results, customer transactions, and online reports. Hailed for its already creative and graphically-appealing marketing templates, Performance Loyalty Group completely revised its marketing templates with updated text and graphics. The company now includes 75 email templates dealers can easily personalize to market their most common dealership services—oil change, tire rotation, scheduled maintenance, engine, cooling, and transmission services.

Direct marketing campaigns are more flexible than ever with a new option for dealers to send campaigns by email, direct mail, or a blend of the two. Users can choose to have campaigns be recurring or one-time activities. For campaigns sent by email, a specific start and end date can be easily established. A convenient direct mail calculator automatically calculates a price for direct mail sent to customers without email addresses—with Performance Loyalty Group handling the entire fulfillment process. Now dealers can monitor and plan marketing budgets more effectively each month and easily market to their entire customer base.

Performance Loyalty Group improved LoyaltyTrac's reporting capabilities and added 15 new online reports with dynamic graphs and charts to further detail customers' buying patterns. Examples of some of the new reports include: First Visit Return Rate, Service Visit Frequency, Email Capture and Open Rates, High Value Members, and Program Repair Order Revenue. This enhanced real-time reporting gives dealers the equivalent reporting to some of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems on the market. Dealers get the benefits of CRM and email marketing included in Performance Loyalty Group's loyalty program.

The company extended the benefits of its LoyaltyTrac product to the dealership's cardholders. The cardholder website has a new look and feel with expanded functionality to view current and past statements online. Special member-only dealership promotions are available on the site and the dealership can even use a new messaging tool to communicate directly with groups of customers or send a message to an individual cardholder. To assist new cardholders, the website has an online Help and FAQ section. By improving the cardholder's experience, Performance Loyalty Group is helping dealers stay in contact with and market to their loyalty program members.

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Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Performance Loyalty Group is a leading marketing technology company providing customized loyalty rewards, customer retention, prepaid maintenance and media tracking programs for the automotive industry.

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