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LoyaltyTrac® Dining & Entertainment Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program will benefit your quick-serve, casual, or fine dining establishment or entertainment venue by transitioning ordinary customers to loyal brand ambassadors. LoyaltyTrac will positively influence both your customer retention (in the form of repeat customers) and customer pay revenue levels at your business while greatly reducing marketing expenses.

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What Can I Expect for Results?

LoyaltyTrac will have a beneficial influence on the following metrics:

  • % of Repeat Customers
  • Covers/Customers per Day
  • Average Order per Customer
  • Staff Turnover Rate

Repeat Customer Visit Frequency

Getting existing customers to come back regularly is vital to the survival of your business. For many dining and entertainment businesses, the goal is to get at least 60% of your customers to visit at least once a week. LoyaltyTrac can help you do that by using time and behavior based marketing & rewards to entice your members to visit more often.

Customers who have joined your rewards program will visit you more frequently than those who have not. It is not unusual for our clients to see members visit 4-6 times a year more when compared to non-member customers. And because they come back with a higher frequency, they end up spending more. On an annual basis, a member will outspend a non-member by 60-80%.

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Which period is typically your slowest – Wednesday evening? Monday lunch? The fourth week of the month? With LoyaltyTrac, you can entice customer members to visit on the days and times that you often struggle to fill with patrons. With incentive-based rewards and instant, targeted email & mobile marketing capabilities, you can bolster your daily sales with little effort.

Examples include double points for purchases from 3-6pm on weekdays, 10% off for all members' orders on Tuesdays, or bonus points for multiple visits in a defined time period.

A properly-run loyalty program can help with cash flow by influencing and spreading customer visits into a more predictable and even traffic pattern.

Average Revenue per Customer

Because your customer members are visiting your establishment more frequently, they are spending more money over time – even when you consider the small discount or points you might be giving them to come in. Enticing members with points or discounts doesn't have to be a margin-slashing endeavor when you choose the incentives carefully. We work closely with you to determine what benefits and offers will get you the biggest bang for your buck. Bonus Points are an extremely effective, yet very inexpensive, incentive.

In addition to incentives, the marketing component of your program will keep your business top of mind with your members. With the right messages, sent at the right time, to the right people, you can affect customer visit behavior and patterns in positive (and profitable!) ways.

Staff Turnover

Loyalty programs aren't just for your customers. You can incentivize your own staff with an internal program, using the same platform as the one you use for customers. It's as easy as setting up an additional membership type. Give staff bonus points for meeting a nightly sales goal, or when you see them treating a customer with exceptional service, or for excellent on-time attendance. You can allow them to redeem points for gift certificates for family & friends, cash bonuses, days off, logo apparel, etc. The possibilities are endless and it all goes to creating a sense of appreciation felt by your employees. When they feel appreciated – and rewarded! – for their hard work, they are more likely to stay with you longer.

Other Factors to Consider

It's no secret that customers who visit your establishment regularly will have a significantly higher pre-disposition to recommend you to their friends and family. That likelihood is only increased when there is a member benefit or reward enticing the customer to do so. Your loyalty club members will become brand ambassadors at a rate that is four times higher than non-members – and that means more customer referrals.

There are proven psychological correlations between offering rewards and predictive customer behavior. Reward the purchase behavior you want to encourage at your business.

Email Marketing

Program communications are essential in building a closer, more profitable relationship with your member. Engaging your customer/member on a level other than sales is crucial for building continual customer engagement and retention. LoyaltyTrac is an "Opt-in" program and customers/members agree to receive your communications when they enroll.

Why LoyaltyTrac?

Our experience, professionalism and product performance in designing and implementing loyalty initiatives for small and medium sized businesses is unmatched by any other program providers. LoyaltyTrac is the preferred loyalty solution for hundreds of clients in North America.

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