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LoyaltyTrac Auto Loyalty Program

Your loyalty initiative will benefit your dealership by transitioning ordinary customers to card-carrying members that will positively influence both your customer retention and customer pay revenue levels at your dealership for years to come.

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What Can I Expect for Results?

LoyaltyTrac will have a beneficial influence on the following dealership metrics:

  • Customer Service Visit Frequency
  • Average Customer Pay RO Value
  • Vehicle Repurchase Intent

Customers who have joined your rewards program will visit your service department more frequently then those who have not. It is not unusual for dealerships to see members visit two or three times a year more when compared to general retail customers. And because they come back with a higher frequently they end up spending more. On an annual basis a member will outspend a non-member by 35-45%.

It's no secret that customers who service their vehicles regularly at your dealership will have a significantly higher pre-disposition to purchase another vehicle. That likelihood is only increased when there is a member benefit or reward enticing the customer to do so. Your loyalty club members will make a secondary vehicle purchase at a rate that is four times higher then non-members.

There are proven psychological correlations between offering rewards and predictive customer behavior. Reward the purchase behavior you want to encourage at your dealership.

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Program communications are essential in building a closer, more profitable relationship with your member. Engaging your customer/member on a level other then sales is crucial for building continual customer engagement and retention. LoyaltyTrac is an "Opt-in" program and customers/members agree to receive your communications when they enroll.

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Why LoyaltyTrac?

Our experience, professionalism and product performance in designing and implementing loyalty initiatives for dealerships is unmatched by any other suppliers. LoyaltyTrac is the preferred loyalty solution for hundreds of dealerships in North America as well as the selected supplier for vehicle OEM sponsored programs.

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