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UltraCare® PrePaid Maintenance Program
What is UltraCare? UltraCare is a web-based technology that auto dealerships use to create, manage and market their own
in-house PrePaid Maintenance Plans. These plans can be sold in both the service lane and F&I. UltraCare technology sets the standard in next generation, totally automated PrePaid Maintenance Programs.

What Makes UltraCare Different?

UltraCare is a self-administered program that utilizes a completely dealer centric approach. There is no third-party administration, no sharing of program revenue or forfeiture, and no service claim submission requirement. Plus, it is fully customizable and branded to your store. UltraCare is not OEM specific and can be sold with any new or pre-owned vehicle that you retail, regardless of the accrued mileage.

UltraCare is easy to sell in your service lane – this creates a new revenue stream and improved fixed operation absorption for your dealership.

Why is UltraCare Important in Today's Market?

Long-term service retention has become a major initiative for profit-conscious dealerships and OEMs. UltraCare has a captive service feature that drives customers back to your service department and keeps them coming back for the duration of their plan. This increased service retention has a positive effect on every department in the dealership.

UltraCare provides you with the ability to control all aspects of program revenue and maintain the reserve account. This aspect will generate immediately available liquid assets and ensure that no third party can increase your risk to premium or policy loss. UltraCare also fits nicely under you current OEM pre-paid program by targeting those customers who failed to purchase a plan at the time of vehicle delivery; it also provides a lower cost alternative to those who may have difficulty getting an OEM plan financed.

Complete Plan Customization

UltraCare provides you with the flexibility to build the most profitable plans that are designed specifically for your store, your brand demographics, your cost structures and your geographic location.

  • You select all of the plan service elements
  • You choose the service intervals
  • You choose the time & mileage parameters
  • You select which vehicles to cover
  • You determine the retail plan cost and profit
  • You decide the service reimbursement rates

Program Features

UltraCare was developed specifically for dealers to encourage revenue growth and foster customer retention though these unique product advantages:

  • No program management fees
  • No long-term commitment required
  • No plan premium remittance
  • Daily forfeiture capture and income recognition
  • Automated plan-related service marketing communications
  • Complete DMS service integration
  • No customer coupon books
  • Integrated service appointment scheduling
  • No service claim submissions - Automated service element redemption
  • Service up-sell tracking
  • Automated, web-based customer plan renewal

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