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Getting More from Your Marketing

Half of your advertising is working to bring in customers – but do you know which half? You need objective, quantifiable insight into the effectiveness of your marketing activities. By inserting Media Manager's unique toll-free numbers into your ad campaigns, you're provided with highly actionable data to ensure you're getting the best return on your advertising budget possible.

What is Media Manager?

Knowing if your marketing dollars are being used wisely can be challenging. Media Manager tracks, analyzes, and reports on each advertising dollar you spend. You get objective and actionable insight into the effectiveness of all your marketing activities, making it easy to determine how your marketing investments are impacting your sales and profitability. Media Manager goes beyond traditional clicks and impressions to get you a true picture of your ROI by measuring the actual calls delivered from your advertising campaigns. Media Manager will identify, in detail, exactly which ads, campaigns and channels are bringing in calls and customers and which aren't – so you can make changes on the fly to maximize your results.

How Does Media Manager Work?

Simply place a unique Media Manager toll-free or local phone number into your marketing or advertisements. When a prospective customer responds to your advertisement the system automatically captures pertinent information about that caller and then compiles an actionable database for you to use in quantifying your response rates and for future marketing efforts. Media Manager is transparent to the user and the call is routed instantly to your designated location. You may also record each call if desired.

The system requires no special hardware, software or installations at your site.

Media Manager Will Grow Your Sales

Identifying and contacting a potential customer while they are still interested and in their buying cycle is essential for improving your sales. Media Manager ensures that you will never miss a customer that has responded to one of your marketing efforts as the system is active 24/7 every day, even when you are closed.

Media Manager Will Help You Reduce Marketing Costs

You will immediately learn which of your marketing campaigns that are working and identify those which are not performing. Media Manager will provide you with the data necessary to negotiate future marketing buys based upon the specific media's actual performance. You can then adjust your marketing mix to maximize your response rates, sales and ultimately profits.

Program Features

  • Unique, dedicated toll free & local phone numbers (not shared)
  • Web-based number activation and administration
  • Real-time call reporting and analysis
  • Call recording and archiving
  • Customized greetings & whisper functionality
  • Caller ID lookup – includes full name, address, & phone number
  • Data extraction via API or .csv download

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