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Loyalty Solutions for Lifetime Customers

The loyalty and retention of your customers is built through strong relationships. Whether these relationships are so finely tuned as to be one-to-one, or whether they are in bigger groups or segments, the principles of customer retention and your brand loyalty are similar. The ultimate success of your business depends on extracting the maximum value from your existing customers while providing an effective, low-cost method for acquiring new ones.

What is LoyaltyTrac®?

LoyaltyTrac is a rewards-based loyalty and retention platform that may be points-based, activity-based, incentive-based, or based upon online rewards. It will seamlessly integrate with most retail and restaurant point of sale systems (POS) or dealership management systems (DMS).

Your Program Design

Whether you need a simple points-based rewards program, or a fully customized end-to-end customer retention, marketing, and analytics engine, LoyaltyTrac has the right solution. We will carefully analyze your specific business goals and then apply proven loyalty and retention techniques to meet your needs. Our solutions require little administrative overhead and will complement your current marketing efforts. We've built hundreds of unique loyalty solutions for clients all over North America. We will use that expertise and insight to ensure that your business has a loyalty program that is not only fiscally responsible but also drives results.

Social Media

LoyaltyTrac can extend the experience of your loyalty or customer referral program into Facebook & Twitter by making your members' activity or actions within these environments trackable and rewardable. This provides you with more ways to influence the desired behavior of your customer and to provide a platform for rewarding that behavior.

Improved Customer Engagement

LoyaltyTrac will develop an ongoing, opt-in engagement between your business and your customers that will extend your communication's reach across web, email, social, mobile, ads, and offline channels with one central conduit. LoyaltyTrac will proactively change your customers' purchase behavior with targeted, relevant and timely rewards-based communications that will result in a more responsive customer base and a deeper relationship with your brand and business.

Program Management and Support

We believe that your loyalty program or customer retention initiative should not be an administrative burden to your business. We will provide you with an intuitive web-based interface that will allow you to efficiently monitor and manage all aspects of your program. We also provide all clients with a dedicated Client Relations loyalty expert that will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your program is delivering the results you expected.

Ultimate Affordability & ROI

A well-structured loyalty or rewards program should not be an expense item to your business. LoyaltyTrac will ultimately become another revenue source and improve your profitability year after year by growing customer visit frequency and increasing per-visit retail spend. We are sensitive to your financial goals and will work with you to develop a program that is economically sensible.

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