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Turn Your Prospects into Buyers
Prospects decide where to buy, in part, based on the speed and quality of sales follow-up. Statistics prove that if you can get your prospect back into your dealership quickly you will have a much higher likelihood of closing the sale. BeBack delivers the right communications, with the right messaging at precisely the right time to entice your customers back into your store.
Sell More Vehicles

It is not unusual for Dealers to see 18% - 20% of their prospects who received a BeBack card return and purchase a vehicle within 10-15 days of receiving the incentive card. The incentive card, which resembles a dealer-branded gift card, carries a much higher perceived value to the customer than any other "take away" you may already be providing.

BeBack Provides Better Results Than CRM

Today's CRM programs are not very customer-centric. The BeBack card provides the customer with a valuable reason to return and buy from you. Beyond the incentive, the program provides your dealership with a method to determine why they did not initially purchase and to maintain contact and top of mind for several more weeks as they consider their vehicle purchase more closely.

The BeBack Dealership Process

You provide select prospects that are leaving the dealership without making a vehicle purchase a denomination-based incentive card as an enticement to return and buy.

Immediately following their initial visit to your dealership, a series of high-impact communications are sent to your prospects. More than just email, each communication utilizes a different aspect of sales psychology messaging to entice the prospect back to your dealership.

Find out Why They Did Not Purchase

Wouldn't you like to know why your customer did not make a purchase? A quick survey is emailed immediately upon leaving the dealership. This communication seeks to determine the exact reason(s) why the customer did not make a purchase. Based upon the customer reply, a tailored sales response from your dealership may be initiated. You will be surprised by the candid customer responses. You may expect a 30-40% response rate to the survey.

What Is Included with the Program?

Entirely web based, there are no large up-front fees, long-term contracts, or equipment to purchase. The program includes custom-designed, full-color, numerically encoded cards, administrative reporting web interface, survey feature, all communications and communication deployment. There are no per-piece charges or hidden fees.

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