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Bring Your Customers Back… Again and Again
If you're like most businesses, you spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying to get customers in your door. Unfortunately, that may be the easy part; getting them to buy is often the bigger challenge. Sometimes they need a little extra nudge before making a purchase decision – even if it's not on that first visit. What is BeBack?

The BeBack Program specifically targets those potential buyers who may have visited your business but failed to purchase a product on their most recent visit. BeBack provides your buyer with an immediate, customer-centric, valuable motive to return to your store and make a purchase. BeBack is also very effective tool in motivating existing customers to return for secondary or repeat purchases.

The BeBack Program allows you to select an incentive value, issue it in the form of a time-restricted, redeemable card and offer it to customers as a sales inducement to entice them to return within a specified period of time to make a purchase. The BeBack card resembles a gift card with your brand prominently displayed. Cards may have a variety of different denominations; you choose the discount value offered to each prospective buyer.

How Does BeBack Work?

You provide prospective customers who are leaving your business without making a purchase a denomination-based discount card as an incentive to return to your business and make a future purchase. Customers provide you with their email address in exchange for receiving your BeBack card.

A series of professionally written, high-impact communications are then sent to your card holders immediately following their initial visit to your store. These graphically-appealing communications reinforce the value propositions of doing business with your store while promoting the use of their BeBack discount card. More than just an e-mail, each communication utilizes a different aspect of sales psychology messaging designed to entice the prospect back to your business. We automatically send five, perfectly timed communications to your prospects starting the first day they visit and continuing until the card is either used or expired. The series of communications reiterates your desire to do business with the customer and aims to guide them back to the store to consummate a purchase.

The BeBack program is the only fully automated, card-based program that, through targeted communications, continues marketing your business and your sales process while providing your prospect with tangible reasons to return to make a purchase.

Additionally, BeBack provides a built-in survey process that helps you determine why each customer did not make a purchase, allowing you to proactively overcome any remaining sales obstacles that may have not be obvious during their visit.

What Can I Expect for Results?

Customers decide where to buy, in part, based on the speed and quality of sales follow up. Statistics prove that if you can get your prospects back to your store quickly you will have a much better chance of making a sale. We deliver the right communications at the right time to entice your customers to return and purchase.

And with the BeBack card in your prospect's wallet, purse or sitting on their kitchen table at home, it will serve as a concrete reminder of the value of doing business with your store.

Cost Effectiveness

Entirely web-based, there are no up-front fees, no long-term commitment and no equipment to purchase. The BeBack program can be up and running with your own supply of personalized BeBack cards in as little as ten days. The program includes full color, numerically encoded cards, administrative reporting web interface, survey feature, all communications design and deployment.

Monthly program fees are typically far less then what you may be spending on your current direct mail or bulk advertising solutions. There are no per-piece charges or hidden fees. The program is simple, extremely cost effective and best of all it provides instant sales results.

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