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Yard Birds Home Center
Yard Birds is a small chain of hardware, garden, and lumber centers serving the California Bay Area since 1975. At its peak it operated ten stores with annual sales of over $185 million. They launched their loyalty program in 2005.

Program Objectives

  • Increase customer purchase frequency
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Reduce customer defection to "big box" retailers

Program Results

  • Enrolled over 125,000 members
  • Program member visit frequency increased 11% compared to non-members
    (approx. 1 extra visit per year)
  • Program members' spend increased over 7% annually compared to non-members
  • Reduced direct mail spending by over $350K annually
  • Members visited more often while non-member, same-store visits decreased year to year
    (proving the program affected member behavior)

Products Utilized: LoyaltyTrac
Client Since: 2005*

*Yard Birds was acquired and shut down by Home Depot in 2009

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