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Performance Loyalty Group's demonstrated approach transforms the knowledge and tools of customer loyalty and media management into programs tailored for your organization.

Customer loyalty and acquisition programs are key components of any successful sales and marketing plan. Building and retaining your customer base through reward-based, value-driven loyalty programs is a powerful, cost-effective way to maximize your marketing investment. Having the ability to truly measure advertising effectiveness allows you to refine your media spend to ensure your dollars produce results. That's where Performance Loyalty Group™ comes in.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area with access to some of Silicon Valley's best talent, Performance Loyalty Group is uniquely qualified to support your technology and marketing needs. Our professional staff of system engineers, loyalty strategists, customer support analysts, graphic designers, and marketing experts is dedicated to designing and supporting solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Our expertise and proven technologies for frequency and relationship marketing programs are sought after by some of the most respected retail businesses in North America. We've designed and implemented over 500 individual & OEM custom loyalty and media management systems.

What We Can Do For You:

Understand your industry.

Our experience covers a large spectrum of industries, including automotive, general retail, dining & entertainment and salon, spa, & beauty. We make sure we understand your individual needs and goals against the backdrop of your specialized market.

Complement your marketing efforts.

We align customer loyalty and acquisition programs with your strategy and goals, creating an integrated marketing plan.

Create a custom solution.

Using proven loyalty principles and media management best practices, we'll quickly develop programs that fit your unique business objectives and environment. You'll receive personalized solutions that build loyalty and develop customer insight.

Host your solution.

We eliminate the need for you to pay for expensive software, hardware, maintenance and installation by hosting your solution. Provide self-service tools. Our solutions include a platform to generate and collect leads from prospective customers, as well as support existing customers through anytime, anywhere self-service tools.

Report and analyze your data.

Performance Loyalty Group professionals will help you understand customer data, evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and tailor next steps accordingly.

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Featured Clients

  • Acton
  • KIA Canada
  • Gillman Auto
  • BMW of North America
  • Ancira
  • Mazda of Canada
  • Alice Cooper's Solid Rock
  • Yardbirds Hardware
  • Delmonico's