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Delmonico's Delicatessen & Gelateria
Delmonico's is a family owned and operated delicatessen and gelateria in the San Francisco East Bay. For over twenty years, they have taken an artisanal approach to offering quality hand-made sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and other deli specialties; they opened a gelateria next door to the deli five years ago. They launched their loyalty program in late 2007.

Program Objectives

  • Track and analyze customers' purchase habits
  • Identify customers by name and reward them for repeat purchases
  • Increase traffic on traditionally slow days/times
  • Cross sell gelato to deli customers and vice versa

Program Results

  • Enrolled over 2,500 members and can now track purchase of each member customer down to the SKU level.
  • Monday lunch business has increased over 30%
  • Program members visit 38% more often than non-members
  • Gelato purchases by members have increased 14% year over year since program introduction

Products Utilized: LoyaltyTrac
Client Since: 2007

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